In-car Apps to Simplify Your Commute

How many times a day would you estimate that you use your smartphone? Forty, fifty, sixty times a day? Take what ever number came to mind, double it, and you’re most likely getting closer to the number. A new study conducted by British scientist showed that young-adults use their phones more than twice the amount than they think. The study concluded that young adults use their phones on average five hours a day, almost one third of their total waking hours.

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 6.38.18 PM

Now, how much time do you think you spend in your car? Whether your hitting the open asphalt for a road trip or commuting home from your day job, on average a person spends 4.3 years seated in the drivers seat. Within those 4.3 years, each individual has driven enough to make it to the moon and back three times. With and average of 4.3 years spent in our cars and one third of our day spent on our smartphones, in-car technology has been rapidly improving. Even if your car isn’t equipped with the latest and greatest in-car technology, these apps are sure to upgrade even the most dated cars to the 21st Century.

DISCLAIMER: Hands free phone use is the safest way to drive, do us all a favor and let your co-pilot handle all of these awesome apps.


Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 6.41.32 PM.png

The days of sitting in bumper to bumper traffic are over. Okay, maybe they’re not completely obliterated, but with Waze even your most disliked commute can become much shorter. This app is a must have, and can’t be beaten. Offering community-driven features, it encourages crowd sourcing as a means to keep you informed of accidents, police traps, and traffic jams in your local area. To make it even more appealing, Waze includes turn-by-turn voice navigation, automatic rerouting and the option to let your friends know you’re on the way by sending an ETA. The option to add and view information on local sights and businesses is convenient for those new to an area also.

DOUBLE POINTS- You can now set Morgan Freeman’s voice to be your guide.



Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 6.42.05 PM.png

If you ever find yourself in the middle of the desert needing to gas up your car, or the more likely option of wanting to search for the lowest fuel costs, GasBuddy is your new friend. Buying cost efficient gas can make a world of difference to your car’s running cost. Gasbuddy sets out to find the cheapest fuel near you, no matter what area you’re in by allowing you to search via city name, zip code or current location. Although you might not think saving pennies or cents will make much of a difference but like anything, the more you save, the more you gain. Over time GasBuddy fills your pocket, while filling your tank- Who wouldn’t want that?


Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 6.42.30 PM

The music you listen to while driving in your car should  be just as free as the open road. If you agree, than Spotify is the app for you. Spotify is a streaming service that breaks you from the shackles of traditional radio by giving its users access to over 20+ million different tracks. Incredibly user friendly, music is divided into genres, playlists or what you’re in the mood for. Within the app you can also create your own playlists or track your friends playlists.

Waze, GasBuddy and Spotify are all great additions to your daily drive. Chances are your Lexus is equipped with features of its own also. Most new Lexus models include Bluetooth features like:


  • Place hands-free cell-phone calls
  • Incoming calls ring through audio system
  • Transfer phone numbers to vehicle
  • Display incoming caller ID
  • Display cell-phone signal strength
  • Display cell-phone battery level


  • Play/Pause music
  • Display song titles
  • Stream audio from websites

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